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Newegg has a GTX 460 combo'd w/ a blu ray disk drive, but the drive is OEM. I know that means it does not have the retail box, but what else does not come with it? Am I gonna have to buy something else to get it running?

i know this should be in the a different sub forum but that forum looks a little dead...
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    It's a read-only drive so no burning applications are required.

    You just need the appropriate media player applications.
  2. so all i would have to do is download the drivers and thats it, and get a blu ray media player?
  3. It shouldn't require any driver. What operating system will you be using?
  4. windows 7 64bit
  5. An application like CyberLink PowerDVD 10 would work.

    The retail version of that optical drive includes Cyberlink PowerDVD with TTHD.
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