LF benchmarks and screen help

ha new the the forum so i figured id post this here.

1st) im looking for some benchmark scores comparing 480 sli and a single 5970.

the reason i ask is 1 i cant seam to find any and 2 im building a new rig and im torn between 2 480s in sli with a single 24in monitor or a single 5970 with 3 24in monitors. obviously 3 monitors that big is pure sickness but im wondering if its better than the increased fps of the sli 480s but if theirs only like a 5-10 fps difference than the 3 screens wins hands down. both rigs end up with the same price tag at the end.

2nd) do monitors use the psu im guessing not because they have there own plug but the cards are in the psu and in the screen so im not sure.
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  1. In the long run I think that you are going to be happier with the 3 monitor setup on the HD5970
  2. Quote:
    Donot listen to ppl in this forum.most of them are ati fanboy.and will always give u biased response.go for gtx 480 sli it will eat up 5970 alive for breakfast.Even a single gtx 480 come close to 5970 in every benchmark.

    My answer is based on OP be happier with the 3 monitor setup than the single monitor setup for the visual experience! It is my guess that OP will be happier playing a game at 50fps over 3 monitors than at 100fps on one.
  3. and when hooking up the monitors one goes to 1st dvi, one goes to 2nd dvi, and the 3rd goes the the mini display port correct??

    what plug on the monitor am i looking for besides dvi because none of them say mini display port.

    nvm found it i would need an active display port to dvi adapter
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