External drive- usb 3 vs 5400rpm

which is faster - a usb 3.0 5400rpm drive, or usb 2.0 7200rpm drive? cost is a factor, or i'd get usb 3 with 7200 rpm.

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  1. The usb 3.0 drive should perform faster. The usb 2 drive is going to run about 25 to 30 MBps max which is much slower than the drive could offer, with the usb 2.0 connection being the limitation.

    The 5400 rpm drive should be a decent bit quicker than the 25 to 30MBps usb 2.0 could offer, and you would be able to use that speed over the usb 3.0 connection.

    If you posted what you planned to use the drives for that is always helpful.
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