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I'm looking at setting up a remotefx virtualised server/workstation for 3-4 vm's. Would i7 or xeon work better for this, and will I need more than one nvinda style graphics card/gpu? Could i buy a high spec workstation to run this rather than a server
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  1. RAM. Lots of RAM.

    There's no difference between the i7 series and the Xeon 5500 series - same chip, only the Xeons are better binned for long-term use and have a second QPI to work in multi-CPU systems.

    Same as the six-core i7 and the Xeon X5600 are the same.

    So, if you want a dual-CPU system then you can ONLY use Xeons, otherwise it's entirely up to you, but you really can't beat the i7 950 right now.

    And again, LOTS of RAM - Patriot have just released a 24GB Patriot Sector 7 kit, and most manufacturers are ramping up 12GB kits now that 4GB modules are viable.
  2. ^+1. Also, if you plan to run a 2P you will need a Xeon. But the most important is RAM. Get as much as you can.
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