A few random questions..

Sata3 is capable of 6 gigabits per second, is this equivalent to 768 megabytes per second?

In pacman, there is 256 levels. This is an 8 bit game. Is this because 2^8=256 (2 to the power of 8 is 256)? Does this mean 16 bit is 2^16, 32 bit is 2^32 and so forth?

If you set up RAID0 with let's say 4 drives, will it be capable of 24 (6 times 4...) Gigabits per second because there's 4 sata connections?

Can HDD's fully saturate sata2 or even sata1?

All answers are appreciated.
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  1. 1. Yes , 6 gigabits/s is 6144 bits/s and 768 megabytes/s is equal to 6144 bits/s.

    2. No the levels have nothing to do with it being a 8 bit game.

    3.No , the speed of extra drives in a raid is not accumalitive.

    4. No.

    If I score 100% correct what do I win ?
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