Compaq CQ5320F - Upgrading PSU - Need Dual Monitor Card Advice

I've got a Compaq CQ5320F and I'm looking to purchase a dual monitor video card for it.

To answer the questions in the "read this" post:

purchase date: this week
usage: basic work, some light photoshop. no games, no hd video.
current psu: upgrading from the standard 250W to a 380W
current gpu: on-board NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE/256MB integrated up to 1407MB available, etc.
specs: windows 7 home 64-bit, cq5320f, athlon II X240 dual core, 3GB PC3-10600 DDR3
overclocking: none
slots: available 1 PCI, 2 PCI-E x1, 1 PCI-E x 16 2.0
resolution: 1920x1080
connections: dvi/vga combo -- doesn't matter - I have adapters. no HDMI needed.
commnent: I'm really looking for a basic dual head card. 90% will be for basic use. Clearly if this were a photoshop workstation I would be buying a much more powerful machine. So it's really to dabble once and while in PS -- that's why I figure 256-512MB of video ram. And that's why I'm not looking for a workstation-level card.
Budget: $50-$100 if possible.

Question: I assume the "best" slot to use if the PCI-e 2.0 x16?
Thank you very much in advance.
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  2. Thank you. I looked at these links and I didn't see anything about height. On tigerdirect they had something about low-profile. Are these PCI-e x16 2.0 cards all on height or is there a regular and a low-profile. I don't want to get a card that won't fit height-wise. Sorry that I forgot to add that above.
  3. Both cards I linked to are low profile ready. which means they are the size of a low profile card but come with full size mounting bracket, the first card comes with shorter brackets as well.
  4. How do I know which size bracket I will need? -- you said it's a full card that comes with a full and short bracket? thank you for your continued help.
  5. The size of the card is based on the case your computer is in if it is a Mini tower you can use a regular size card like this If it is a small form factor PC a low profile card like this
  6. thank you!
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