Cloning a drive with 2 OS's present question.

So my HDD threw a SMART error 0, and I've noticed a slow down. A new HDD is on the way, I will do a clone and hopefully be away at full speed again.

The only catch is I've got 4 partitions on the drive and 2 of them contain Windows 7 (one for regular stuff and a much cleaner install for low latency audio processing). There's a boot menu for these (can't remember if it's windows or grub)

I see on the Marcium site that it has no tick next to 'boot menu' on the free version, I'd usually use this to do a clone. Can anyone confirm if it will clone the boot menu or not?

Can anybody please suggest how to clone this drive with boot menu's and all, preferably from within windows 7 using vss?

One option I do have is the WD version of acronis tru image as the new drive is a WD (old one is a Toshiba). Would this do the trick?

Any help is much appreciated!
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  1. The item "Recovery from Windows boot menu" has nothing to do with the Windows dual-boot OS selection menu. Any version of Macrium Reflect will include the dual-boot OS selection menu in it's cloning/drive-imaging processes where applicable.

    The Recovery item that Macrium is referring to is "Macrium Recovery" which you can choose to have added to the Windows boot menu.
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