Heating issues

Hi guys

I recently installed a second 4890 card in my rig running crossfire. Now everything freezes every too often when playing games.

I have tried everything from the graphic cards point of view, but now realized that my CPU reaches very high temps.

I need to know:-

1. What impact can crossfire have on my CPU? Does "crossfire" put strain on my CPU to perform faster and there it gets hotter or does it heat up the box physically?

2. My Hyper Threading option in my bios have suddenly dissapeared (as it was dissabled) after crossfire was installed.... Is this normal? Its just gone in the bios. No option to enable it. Maybe the motherboard did this automatically?

I have i7 processor 2.8ghz

100 Watt powers supply

Enough cooling on the graphic cards

Asus motherboard P5something pro

8 Gig Ram

Windows 7 64bit

I have ordered the Corsair H70 CPU cooler so hopefully this will help........ Your views?

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  1. Omg, did you say 100 watts psu ?
    Thats crazy, if yes, you badly need a good and strong psu-!
  2. I just hope t was your typo error, and its 1100 watts , well use hw monitor to check temps and post back
  3. Do you have good airflow through your case, i.e. front-to-back and/or bottom-to-top? If not, add or adjust your fans so you do.
    What PSU do you have? I'm also assuming a typo, so it's really 1000W or 1100W, but what brand and model? For example, if it's a Diablotek, it's a wonder it hasn't burned, but it is probably going out of spec and bad voltages are causing your shutdowns.
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