4870x2 vs GTX 480

Well to make this long story short, I currently have 2 4870x2's, but I like an idiot was running them on a 850 Watt Corsair PSU, which would have been fine if I didn't have 5 hard drives and a over Clocked Intel Core i7 920, and I am short on cash, and I really want a new video card, kinda sick of driver issues on my 4870x2's, and I have been wanting to give Nvidia, a try again my last card was an 8800 Ultra. I was thinking of selling both of my 4870x2's and getting a GTX 480, or should I just sell on 4870x2 and keep running the other, I need honest opinions, I don't need fan boy rants. I know the performance wont be any better if at all, but I would like DX11 and a change of pace. I game at 1920x1200 and 1920x1080. So what do you guys think?
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    personally have only had an nvidia card (275) had no complaints with the drivers, and while people say stuff like physx is stupid, I bought my card for the performance vs price, which was great vs ati at that point, but in games that do have features like physx it is pretty cool

    as for the gtx 480, it may be at more 5%-10% against one 4870X2, because you can look at it as a 4870X2 is roughly a 5870, both have the same number of shaders and performance difference per shaders between the 5xxx and the 4xxx are really negligible as for heat and power you probably won't be seeing really a decrease in either one of these areas, you would be going to a power hungry and hot card, to a brand new power hungry and hot card.

    So if you really want to try out the green team, and go for a 480 or 2, i would only do it if you can sell your card to cover at least most of the cost. spending 400 or 500 bucks, just for dx 11, and some other nvidia features, but nearly an identical, performance power and heat situation isn't worth it
  2. what res do you play at?

    chances are, a 5850 would do you fine. it will play anything out there at a reasonable price.
  3. Go with the GTX 480. Its got all of Nvidia's latest technologies, can run almost everything maxed out, and is the most powerful card in the market atm.

    HOWEVER! I recommend a GTX 470 SC. You can overclock it to GTX 480 speeds and run 2 in SLi, without replacing your psu. :D
  4. @ Shadow_Cloud I like the recommendation of the gtx 470 sli, but I think I would just go one 480 then maybe another later if I can afford it and a psu.

    This would be the plan if MONEY is there:

    I plan on if I got the money at some point getting a Corsair AX1200 psu, when they come out, and if I did that maybe if the gtx 480 if I get it, does good then maybe a second 480 for nice SLI. But as I said money is slim at the moment, and I don't know when I be able to afford anything else.
  5. welshmousepk said:
    what res do you play at?

    chances are, a 5850 would do you fine. it will play anything out there at a reasonable price.

    Well at 1920x1200, it probably would but the whole thing is I want to go back to nvidia if I switch, just something I want to try, and well I like the recommendation, but I not sure if I want to go that route as performance wise it would be a down grade of sorts. At least that is what I am lead to believe.
  6. yeah, that makes sense.

    to be honest, the 480 is a waste of cash (great if you have it, not so much if you dont)

    so yeah, i'd say go for the 470. still excellent performance, and not quite the power hog like the 480.
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