I7 950 temperature

what is a good average idel temperature for the i7 950 overclocked
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  1. is 60 still ok
  2. On load its is OK. But a lower value is preferred. But on idle absolutely not. What are your ambient temperatures? What software are you using to check the temperatures?
  3. 60 c definitely bad for idle-
    Whats the ambient temp ?
    Check dust in fan outlets.
  4. i just wanted to know
    havent oc yet
  5. 60c?... you just wanted to know?.. Umm.... Its like this..

    Whether you're living in a tropical country where you'll usually get a much hotter
    ambient temperatures all the time even at night, still, a 60c is very hot for an Idle
    OC'ed i7, even if the season is summer and in the afternoon which the
    temperatures usually goes around 32-37c and you're only using an electric fan
    pointed at your case inside a room, and the procie is on its stock cooler still, you'll
    only get 50-55c MAX @ Idle. In your case, 60c and the worst part is, if you're
    getting this temperature and you're not living in a tropical country then there's
    something really wrong on how you installed your processor or its cooling system.

    Let me guess, you already OC'ed your procie and you're getting a 60c @ idle eh?...
    If you're a PC enthusiast and has experience OC'ing procies then this post would
    have not existed in the first place. The reason this existed its because you already
    OC'ed it and got a 60c on idle thats why you posted specifically for a 60c
    temperature OR,.. if not, if im wrong, as i said, im just guessing. :-) But, honestly
    i assumed you already OC'ed your procie. :-)

    -- Anyways, hope this helps, take it easy on your overclocking dude. Good luck.
  6. He didnt oc yet, and surely will not be soon with 60 c on idle-

    Check the fan is well mounted, and you hardly reply completely to qs asked, You didnt answer on the ambient temps, we wont be able to help if you dont do your part.
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