when did this come out today, i've heard stuff about this card for awhile, but i thought we still had a couple of weeks to go, it was like i went to work, come back nothing indicating the realease then i see in a forum recommending looking at the 460, and just have wait this can't be right deals, So did it come out today?
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  1. well that might, make my upgrade decision alittle harder now haha
  2. Why? Assuming Nvidia named the cards correctly this should be slower then the GTX465. The GTX465 is about as fast as the 5830. The GTX460 should be around the speed of the 5770. Why spend $200+ on a card thats around the speed of $150 card?
  3. i feel it has more potential, looking at some of the initial cards, there already a factory overclocked card at 800c, so i feel it can got quite a bit higher, but I'm doing folding at home, so that pretty much a nvidia dominated field, so i know i want nvidia even if i'm losing a bit on the price performance in games, i just want to see a review of it
  4. I never said it was, try again. 465 ~ 5830, so the slower GTX460 ~ 5770? It could be faster seeing as we have no reviews.
  5. Yeah, I just saw that thread. First, I did say "Assuming Nvidia named the cards correctly". Looks like we might have another 8800GTS/GT on our hands. Second, the 768MB card is behaving like a lower numbered card should. I get the feeling the 1GB card is as fast as it is due to clock rates. Its not really that much faster then the GTS465. Its usually just a few % faster the the GTS465. Assuming the 1GB card is around $220 and the GTS465 is around $300 still then yeah I feel bad for them to. Need more benchies to know however.
  6. This looks like a WIN, a win for everyone. :)
  7. Wait for the more standard reviews? From people I've heard of.

    Forgot to mention, whether you like Nvidia or not this is good. If the 768MB GTX460 is ~ 5830, then its time for the price of the 5830 to drop. If the GTX460 is ~$200, then the 5830 should drop down to around $175ish. (I doubt we'd be lucky enough to see $150.) This might trickle down to the 57xx cards as well. Even if you don't like Nvidia, you have to like what actual competition can do.
  8. *Remembers 4890 at $149.99 fondly*
  9. just got off work saw toms review, and it's look extremely promising, stock clocks goes toes to toes with the 5830, and with a card from palit factory clocked to 800mhz, i feel these will be able to start nip at stock 5850's
  10. I haven't seen any reviews yet where they compare the 460 with the 5850, though I'm sure they're out there. I just haven't gone looking. I did see the GTX460 on newegg. $200, free shipping. I even saw one that was $185 after rebate. General consensus from what I've seen says the 768MB card is about a 5830, while the 1GB card is just over. If so, the 5830 really does need to drop in price. I checked while I was there, the 5830 can be had for $200, but many run more then that. As Psycho said, $179 or even lower is needed on this card. If you can get a GTX460 after rebate for $185, then $179 is the minimum a 5830 should go for, less after rebate. I hope it doesn't take AMD long to adjust the price and keep on rolling like they've been.

    Also, before I forget, good job Nvidia. Finally a Fermi we can like. I also wonder if this can scale up. Can they add more parts to this chip and make a better GPU? Perhaps if we had a GTX485 based off the GF104 we'll get a larger fermi thats worth it.
  11. Anandtech's review has 5850, 5870, 5970, 470, 480s in their comparisons. There's some surprising results. At times, the 460 is almost equal to a 5850 at stock. And in the Crysis benchmark, they got OCed 460s in SLI to match 5870s in CF. Very impressive.
  12. So would this chip then make the "GTX490"? Their dual GPU card? If SLI scales better then CF, and you can OC the 460 to match the 5870CF then this could be it. I don't think you can squeeze two 460s onto a card, OC them and stay under 300W.
  13. Yeah they could just make a 460 X2. Which would perform very well. Especially if they give it 2gb VRAM.
  14. Well, the real question, is which brand? ;)
    EVGA's 768mb Superclock External venting fan looks great, though someone mentioned ASUS and MSI have a built-in voltage regulator but neither (so far) have a more appropriate fan-configuration... unless someone's seen one?
  15. I'd say for now just wait a month (or less) and get a 1gb version. They perform better.
  16. I just noticed , looking at all the different cards at different sites. The Palit Sonic version clocked at 800mhz has a heat sink on the VRM's. Its the only model that I've seen thats using one.

    Actually the Asus cu card looks like it does to.
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