Still having problems with 5870...Please Help!!!!!!

Hey guys

Ok so I've talked to Dell tech support 6 times now, and they've pretty much done nothing to help. I've update the driver, gone into safe mode and uninstalled & reinstalled, downloded straight from the manufacturers website, and so far I still get the same problem (albeit less frequently). So normally when I watch videos on youtube I watch on 1080p and what happens is that it'll go freeze for a sec, go black and then go back to normal while the videwo goes green. This problem is fixed (for now that is...). However my screen STILL (randomly, less frequent than before but still) goes black or white, flickering like crazy and doesn't stop until I either restart the computer or turn off the monitor and turn it back on.

I've done a diagnostics test and a hardware test on my graphics card and the tests have passed so I don't think it's any of my actual hardware, so I'm just SO lost as to what I need to do.

I've talked to dell 6 times now, and my options are to either:

Replace my video card (with a refurbished one)
customize a new computer for me for the same price (specs not as good as my comps now)
talk to solutions station (costs me almost $100)

Can anyone please give me advice as to what I need to do? Any solutions for this problem yet? would replacing my video card help? are refurbished video cards not worth getting?

I have a dell xps 7100
AMD Phenom II X6 1055t processor
Ati Radeon HD 5870
450W psu

I've noticed one thing however (don't know if it makes a difference). The recommended power for the 5870 is 500W, my xps 7100 is 450W. When I spoke to the dell representative before I bought the computer they told me that they fix the card so that it is compatible with the 450W power supply. That might be a problem?

Please guys, any advice at all would be much appreciated. I'm not too computer savvy so please explain anything in detail, thanks!
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  1. Ok I just came across the CCC for my Ati radeon HD 5870 card, and here are the current settings.

    GPU clock: 850 MHz

    Memory Clock: 1200 MHz

    Manual Fan control: Off

    Would reducing the GPU and Memory click make a difference? Assuming that the problem could be that my graphics card is overworking itself, or would enabling the manual fan speed make it cooler so it won't overheat, assuming that's the problem?
    What values can I move these to? I've never done this before and don't want to mess anything up.
  2. lowering the clocks is unlikely to help, but try it just to see if the problem goes away.

    download GPUz, and use it to log temps while you are watching one of these videos. that way we can see if it is temps.

    i imagine its more likely the PSU though, im amazed that dell would use a 450w in that system (though really, i shouldn't be surprised, its dell) and its probably the problem. you could try undervolting the GPU and CPU, but to be honest i would replace the PSU with a corsair vx550 (assuming it will fit)
  3. Yeah i was thinking it could be the PSU as well. I really wanna try everything possible though before I actually start replacing parts.
  4. do you know someone who has another PSU to try out to see if it solves the issue?

    i'm 90 percent sure it would be the issue though, being a dell it probably a bad quality PSU anyway. but trying to run a 6 core and a 5870 on any 450w would be a stretch.
  5. I would bet Dell did nothing to fix the card. You are running stock speeds for the card at 850/1200. In fact I don't think there is a fix to permit the card to run at full stock speed on less voltage than it is specified for. Just because Dell says you have a 450w supply does not mean it is a quality PS. There are many PS products out there (by name brands as well) that do not meet specs. I prefer Seasonic and Antec brands.
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  6. Hey thestud,

    Welcome to Tomshardware Forums, what the others have described bout the (PSU) Power Supply Unit is correct. that psu for that card is ridiculous.. trust dell >_< personally my first computer was from Dell and when ever I had any problems dell, Didnt really care at all all they just wanted my money...

    Anyways mate I would recommend is getting a Corsair PSU or any other Top Brand of PSU I have the Corsair TX 850w PSU and its amazing best computer investment. The current Power supply you have is underrated. meaning that Video Card you have is very Extremely Powerful and that Power supply you have now supplied by dell is not doing the job. basically what im saying is your video card needs alot more power to run it at its full potential.

    450w for a Ati radeon HD 5870 card is just stupid. For that sort of video Card being one of the top ones currently on the market i would recommend a 600 to 800W psu to get maximum performance for your video Card. Alot of People make this mistake having a underpowered psu in their system, they dont realise how much the psu means to get the maximum performance from your pc to work at its full potential.

    When i said alot of people make mistakes i didnt mean that directed at you im directing that to dell.. because they are hopeless and i hate working with dell computers.

    anyways mate i hope i helped ya and good luck in the future


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