AMD or INTEL for gaming ?

hi guys i recently choosed i5 760 for my new rig , but because i choosed ATI 5850 too , somepeople say GO for AMD for Get rid of matching Problem . because AMD matches with ATI .

When i saw AMD & Intel i5 760 benches . i5 760 beat many of them , only some of them were higher than i5 760 But when i went little lower pages i saw that i5 760 acts better in games ( MUCH MUCH better )

Now question is : is i5 760 2.8GHZ good enough for ATI 5850 , will i have problem in performance ?
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  1. Hello,

    If i were you i would go with INTEL as the new range of intel processors are very powerfull i see you have chosen the i5 as your INTEL processor which is very powerful if you have the extra money buy the i7 980 overall AMD is good but not As powerfull as intel is i5 or i7 would be the best choice depending on what games you play or if you do video editing? but if your looking to upgrade processor just for the gaming why not think of upgrading graphics card first then doing prosessor?
  2. It all depends on your budget. You get more performance per dollar w/ amd, but if you got the $ then you can go intel and build an epic rig.
  3. clock for clock Intel is faster right now, so yeah, in most cases Intel will be a better gaming cpu.
  4. Honestly, either one is fine. While INTEL is more efficient than AMD clock for clock, they both come pretty close in terms of gaming. I'd say your video card matters more. Go AMD, save the money. Perhaps invest in a 5870?
  5. Also the OP didn't ask what the better value is, price versus performance, he asked which one is better for gaming. Intel has the faster chip at the moment so that is his answer.
  6. Quote:
    ^Donot post imaginations from your head. They are not same.Iseries thrashes amd in every game.

    Take a look at this benchmark.i5 hammers x6 in games.Faster the gpu more likely it will be benefited from a fast cpu.

    Those benchmarks don't prove anything, if you actually mouseover the info boxes for the games all it says is:
    Windows 7
    1680 x 1050
    All details maxed no AA

    There's no mention of a graphics card and if you're gaming with an AMD chip you should be using the Phenom II x4 970 which is more suited to gaming.
  7. ATI? Oh you mean AMD, well I'm not sure why you're bringing there GPU's into it the HD5970 is still faster than the GTX480.
  8. 8Vidia said:
    Now question is : is i5 760 2.8GHZ good enough for ATI 5850 , will i have problem in performance ?

    I'm starting to see flame war sparks here. :heink:

    Gentlemen, you're all missing the point here.

    The question is not about i5 vs Phenom, the OP already stated his opinion that the i5 is a MUCH MUCH better performer than the Phenom. (I guess he's on your team, dipankar ;) )

    The answer should be: "Yes, it's definitely more than good enough," and "No, you won't have any compatibility issues or decrease in performance."

    There, settles it. :sol:
    INTEL i5 760 . Thanks a lot guys .
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  11. Sorry i coulodnt choose specified answer for the best , & i choosed First BEST answer . from my friend Dipankar ( he Knows me , hey man dont forget to come online )
  12. ^ Which explains everything... :lol:
  13. No no , i mean he answered first . so he has a merit to be slected as a BEST ANSWER . But u & every one else has game same answer & all was GREAT !

    Ur answer was good too , thanks BRO
  14. ^ No worries, dude. In case you didn't know, I've had my share of disputes with your friend, dipankar (just ask the guy), which makes me familiar with his traits. That's why I intend to calm things down should a flame war begins. It's not about the BA, it's about order. Flame war is positively adrenaline-rushing, but when it gets ugly, it gets real ugly. :D
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