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Hey guys, thought you all would want to know, I was at Microcenter the other day, and mentioned to one of the reps that I've heard of a couple of problems with newegg but sometimes they've got good prices. Apparently, if you find a better online price than what you can get at Microcenter, if you print out the deal online, take it to Microcenter, they will price match it. I had no idea they did that, and a tech friend of mine who's been in the field a while had no idea either. So in case you guys were not aware, that's what the rep at Microcenter told me. Hopefully this will help all you guys save some money too.
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    They've been doing it for awhile now. The reps there are always on Newegg and TigerDirect doing price matches. The thing with Microcenter is that they don't have much variety. I only buy CPUs from them. TigerDirect hardly has any deals anymore. I usually buy the Newegg combos, which Microcenter has a hard time price matching.

    One thing're way better off buying from Microcenter than Best Buy, Office Max, Staples, Office Depot, ...etc

    I wish I had a Fry's near me. They seem to have great CPUs and MB deals all the time.
  2. NCIX does this too, as well as tigerdirect for non-CPU items. In fact Walmart and some Bestbuys too I believe.
    The fact is all Microcenter has that's interesting is the cheap Intel CPUS and the Buy a CPU get a Mobo free AMD deals.
  3. Yeah, I love those deals. I know I've just heard of trouble with dealing with newegg. Like folks buying ram and it coming DOA, then newegg charges a restock fee. Sorry, that's lame to me when it's not a customer's fault. Haven't had that problem with Tiger. But with Tigerdirect, I get charged sales tax as well as shipping. So for me, microcenter makes sense because I have to pay tax, but avoid shipping.
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  5. has no taxes and low shipping costs. along with a fairly large variety.
  6. jaydoubledub said: has no taxes and low shipping costs. along with a fairly large variety.
    :),, and are the same
  7. yuppers
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