Why do I have EIGHT disc drives now after installing and cloning HDD?

OK, quick intro and I'll get to the point (or just skip to the next paragraph). I've been upgrading my HP Pavillion DV7t-6100 Quad-Edition. I installed 16GB Corsair Vengence RAM, (made a huge difference!!), and also got a Seagate Momentus XT 500GB Hybrid-SSD hard drive. My laptop and BIOS would not detact the new hard drive and I had issues trying to clone my original primary hard drive to the Corsair but I eventually did it with Seagate DiscWizard. After a reboot and shut down I swapped the drives so the Seagate 500gb is in the primary bay and the WD 320GB (my original hard drive) is in the secondary. As of now they both work, the new drive is my C: drive as it should be. My secondary is G: which I guess doesn't matter what the letter is but here's the issues I'm having now:

The weird thing now is in "My Computer" there are EIGHT detected drives, actually SEVEN because my external hard drive is plugged in. I thought there should only be my C: which is the new Seagate Drive, G: which is my old Western Digital, and D: which was a Recovery Partion that was on the laptop when I bought it. SO this is what it looks like when I open "My Computer":

- LOCAL DISC C: 344 GB free of 442 GB (this is my new Seasgate Drive with EVERYTHING on it)
- RECOVERY D: 9.96 GB free of 23.1 GB (this was always on my laptop and I don't know why but m not too worried)
- SYSTEM F: 165 MB free of 198 MB (this is completely empty; literally says "this folder is empty" when opened
- LOCAL DISC G: 170 GB free of 283 GB (this is my old hard drive which I wanna know what I can delete. I want to use it as my data/files/junk/etc drive once all this is figured out)
- RECOVERY H: 1.63 GB free of 14.7 GB (I have no idea where this came from, it's not the same size or type as the other recovery drive (D).
- HP_TOOLS I: 85.2 MB free of 99.2 MB (I also have no idea how this got here but it has some BIOS SetUp folders insde... I'm assuming I need to keep this?
- LOCAL DISC Q: ... which says nothing and does nothing (double click and it says "ACCESS DENIED"

I wanna know what I can delete and possibly if anyone knows why some of these are here? If I delete something I shouldn't can I just do a system restore from yesterday or earlier today? Should I delete the contents of certain drives or can I erase the drive itslf? I want to move the data (my work files) from my new c: drive to my secondry drive so that all the "computer" stuff is in C: and "MY" stuff is in the secondary. This was my first HDD upgrade/install and clone so it's a learning experience. I've Googled a lot of this but there are so many contridicting advice. The little experience I've had with this forum board has been very positive and helpful.

Thank you much!
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  1. If I were you id wipe everything and do a clean install of windows.

    Recovery is the recovery partition. It's normally good to keep, but its probably not going to work on the new drive anyway, you should have burned disks when you setup the computer, and you can just install with a widows disk anyway. The system partition is a windows recovery thing, and the old drive should just be completely wiped and reformatted.
  2. Everything seems to be working fine and I deffinately agree with wiping the old drive I just wanted to know if it's ok to. I know the data is all on my new drive but I was just worried to erase it in case something in the operating system is still connected to the old drive or is it all working around my new C: drive?

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