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I have an AMD Phenom II x4 965 and AMD says that the max temp for this chip is 62c. In BIOS my CPU temp reads anywhere from 20c to 30c depending on ambient temps. My core temps are around 40c to 45c right after I boot up but my TMPIN1 temp on CPUID reads between 20c and 30c just as my BIOS reads. My TMPIN1 temp has never gone beyond the low 50c's but my core temps have reached well beyond 70c while using PRIME95 for up to 5 minutes and around 65c while gaming for long periods of time. I have never encountered any stability issues and I haven't received any temp warnings. Is it safe to say as long as my TMPIN1 temps never hits 62c that I'm fine? Should I just ignore my core temps? Also, my core temps read the same with all software (fanspeed, cpuid, core temp, realtemp, etc.). Thanks ahead of time for all the replies.
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  1. Your temperature reading is fine. Moreover, without any stability issue which confirms it real time. But if you're really worried, you can always undervolt the CPU for lower temperature and power consumption, yet the same performance. ;)
  2. I have to keep my voltages because I OC everything I touch and I couldn't keep the speeds stable with a lower voltage. Thanks for the reply. I'm just going to assume I'm fine considering that I've had my core temps over 62c for hours at a time with no issues. I'm guessing the chip temp (TMPIN1) is what AMD claims to only be able to hit 62c.
  3. Believe it or not, a poster here once hit 72°C without any shutdowns. Even more unbelievable, he just noticed that his CPU fan is dead after a few weeks of the high temperature symptoms. :lol:

    With that as a comparison, your 62°C looks smooth as a whistle to me... :D
  4. Well that makes me feel better lol
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