Connecting to a 42" TV

Curentlly I have a Nvidia Geforce 8800GT with 512MB (DDR3 right?)
Anyway'z, I recently bought a 42" LG TV screen.
I've been told that 512MB is not eonugh to run 42" properly,
So I decided to to buy a new GPU - the GTS 240 with 1024MB (DDR2 is'nt it?)

I'm running games like Need for Speed Shift, Dragon Age: Origins, Fallout 3 under 1920x1080.

Do you think the GTS 240 will manage to run games better under 1920x1080 doe to 1024MB, or it will run worse than 8800GT with 512MB?

I know 8800GT is like 16% stronger than GTS 240, but I could'ne find benchmarks under these resolutions with screen of this size.

Thank you!
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  1. The GTS 240 is the OEM version of the 9800GT, which is essentially the exact same thing as an 8800GT. The extra memory would help a little but not nearly to the amount where it would be worth the cost.
    If what you actually meant was the GT 240 then don't bother as the 8800GT will still be better despite the difference in memory.
    None of these cards are very well suited for 1080p though the 8800GT will do alright if you are willing to live with medium settings and no AA on a lot of current games. For something more appropriate for that resolution you should be looking at something more like an HD5770/HD4870/GTX 260. If you are in the US this would be a good choice if you can afford it;
    It uses almost exactly the same amount of power as the 8800GT so your power supply should handle it just fine.
  2. Yes I actully ment GT 240, and not GTS 240.
    I not from the US and I can't afford somthing better than GT 240.
    Maby the 9600GT but I still want the DX11 thingy.

    I want to keep the 8800GT on my new computer and put a new GT 240 on the pc media center I want to build from the old pc.

    So I think I'll keep the 8800GT of the media pc.

    Thank you!!
  3. The GT 240 is not DX11, it is only DX10.1. If you really want DX11 then look for the HD5670. I don't know about the pricing where you are but in the US its cost is similar to the GT 240. It is also faster and DX11 compatible.
    Have you considered selling your 8800GT so you can afford a better card?
  4. Yup, HD5670 is a good card, but for a low resolution monitor.
    If you don't have money right now then save your money or sell your 8800GT and get HD5770.

    @jyjjy: now you got a gold badge, congratulation. :)
  5. I have two Samsung 40" 1080p / 60hz / 75k contrast, running under an e8500 and a $10 GF210 512mb; When on only one screen, the system will play FO3 between 25 and 50fps. (The 210 is really only intended on displaying to HDMI, not for actual game-play).
    I also have a 5770 which will put out a solid near 60 fps all the time. However, I bought it 2 weeks ago, and I'm now considering taking it back to buy a pair of 460's to display out to both LCD's simultaneously...

    Other thoughts - even though I bought both TV's for $500 each - and are nice unto themselves, I should have picked up 120hz models, because FPS on mine are locked to 60hz max (which, is still OK.) Also, running a TV tuner card to display on-line video, 2 TV channels, AND a game on the second monitor is WAAAAY too noisy :/ At best, only 2 audio sources can be easily identified - 3+ and it's just noise. I've had 6 videos and 2 games playing (2TV's running quadrants) and it sounds like a sports bar.
  6. wa1 said:
    @jyjjy: now you got a gold badge, congratulation. :)

    Cool, I hadn't even noticed until you pointed it out. I guess it happened recently.
    I think rolli is the only other person I've spotted with one in here.
  7. Yup, two GTX 460 are great.

    @jyjjy: now i guess only you two (jyjjy+rolli59) that has gold badge on this graphic sections... :)
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