Help selecting the right parts.

A friend of mine built me a comp a few years back which is currently running into some problems, 8800GTS burnt out :(, and I've decided to upgrade my rig. I put the money up but my friend was the tech savvy guy. I'm trying to select parts for a new build, but would like some feedback and some help.

I plan to pull the DVD drive, Hard drive, and 650W power supply out of the old comp.

For a new case, was gonna go with Antec 300.

For the motherboard, GIGABYTE GA-P55-USB3 LGA 1156 Intel P55 USB. I would like to go 1156 as I'd assume it would be more upgradable in the future compared to the older 775.

i5-750 2.66GH for the CPU. This comp will be for gaming and I've heard a faster dual core can perform better for gaming then a slower quad core.

Been a fan of GSkill, so I've been looking at Ripjaws Series 4GB DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800). Will go 4GB to start and double it up a bit down the road.

Finally, for the GPU, EVGA 512-P3-N871-AR GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB 256-bit.

I'm a noob at picking parts for a comp, so any and all suggestions are welcome. I also intend to get Windows 7 along with the parts mentioned. I'd like to stay around an $800 budget. Also, I don't intend to start buying and building until late October/ early November.

Thanks in advance for all responses. The community on this site seems really friendly and helpful. :)
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  1. A few things u should know about SATA/USB 3.0 tech and mobos as shown by our very own forums here
    USB 3.0, SATA 6Gb/s, Motherboards, And Overcoming Bottlenecks,2583.html
    Also note that LGA 1156 shall be usurped by LGA 1155 as soon as end of this year/possible Q1 next year if u intending to sink a wee bit on chip + board FYI...
  2. ^ If for gaming, then why not try the AMD X4 955 ? You can save some money and invest on a better graphics card like say the newer GTX 470 or HD 5850...
    And what is your screen's resolution ?
  3. ^^ Lolz batuchka has got that message on his clipboard I guess...

    But yes like he pointed out, that is also a good reason to change - but not the 1st but the 2nd i.e., LGA 1156 will be replaced by the LGA 1155...
    As with single graphic cards, you wont have to worry about that bottleneck...
  4. Well, I like the list except for the outdated video card. I suggest looking at the HD5770 or if you can afford a bit more the GTX460. Best bang for buck right now.

    The i5 will work nicely. Hyperthreading will help it perform similar to a quad core, although a quad is better. It is a good value.

    One thing I don't like about Intel is they are constantly changing their sockets. AMD would be an option to consider if that is a major concern for you. But definitely LGA 775 is dead.
  5. I'd go AMD, but to be honest. I don't know a thing about them. Would you be able to suggest a similar priced build with AMD parts buzznut?
  6. What about EVGA 768-P3-1360-TR GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) 768MB 192-bit instead of the previously suggested card?
  7. So would there be any issue using an Nvidia card on an AMD build? Also, does anyone have any idea how long the AM3 socket will be used? Seeing as how I'm thinking about going AMD since intel seems to be swapping sockets so fast.
  8. The desktop version of next gen AMD chips code named Bulldozer, Zambezi is backwards compatible with socket AM3
  9. So in other words, intel intends to screw us over, where AMD will not.
  10. Also, could any one provide some feedback on Gkay's suggested build. The addict tag by his name says a lot :), but I would like more opinions. Would that tower be a better selection over the Antec 300?
  11. Ugh, this is tough. Why must intel abandon 1156 so soon :(
  12. Also, with the case + os combo that gkay09 listed, is there any drawback of getting the OEM windows 7 as opposed to getting the standard boxed version?
  13. Well it's a pity that CM Scout is back @ $79 from $59 :( You can check out RAM + Casing combos but build looks good ^^
  14. Any reason to go with the CM Scout over the Antec 300?
  15. Batuchka, how good is this mobo that gkay suggested:(

    Is the 870 a good northbridge chipset for gaming? Or should I be looking at a new chipset mobo?
  16. I would look at 870 myself for the most part unless one is dead set in hitting 16/16 CF so it's a good choice ^^
  17. Well ya too bad that case is back to $79...for $59 it was a very good buy...
    Another very good case -
    CM 690 Black
    Or this -
    $49 After Rebates - Free shipping w/ promo code EMCYWZY52, ends 8/16

    The Antec 300 Illusion is good, but the total with shipping, IMO there are better cases at that price range...

    As for the mobo, like batuchka said, only if you will be going Crossfire, it would matter to get the 890GX/ FX board...else that 870A is good enough...
  18. Is there any drawback to buying the OEM windows 7? Is that a full version or upgrade only?
  19. ^ Well if you change the mobo(a totally different mobo), then you would have to call Microsoft to activate the OS...If they consider that as a new build, then you might not be able to activate that OS...
    And it is a full OS and not upgrade...
  20. So as long as I continue to use the same Mobo, there wouldn't be an issue? I would be able reformat the HDD and reinstall windows off that disc to the same mobo?
  21. What would be a good AMD Mobo that I could CF with? I don't intend to CF right away, but it would be easier to upgrade in the future if I had that option available.
  22. ^ AMD with CF - You can try this if you want to save money...but again no Black Edition features here...
    OR this would be other good options -

    (If you go Crossfire with this board, the PCI slots would be blocked, but if you wont use any add-on cards, then its fine...)
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