Maxdor One touch drive- how to open case?

My usb connection inside my Maxdor once touch drive has been pushed back into the drive- is there a special tool for opening up the drive? I don't see any screws and hate to try cracking the case open.
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  1. I get nervous about cracking cases too.

    The Maxtor OneTouch 4 is different from the 4 Plus.
    I had the basic 4.

    I took out the one screw on the bottom under the warranty void sticker.
    Peel off the rubber strips/feet.

    The case was held together by three clips.
    I was able to pry the halves of the case apart with a skinny screwdriver an the ones above the USB and power ports didn't give much resistance.

    Then I pried the clips apart along the top edge of the case, then around the front edge opposite the power/usb ports. The two sides slid apart at that point.

    The drive lifts out of the case and the one-touch button is loose.
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