Windows freezing???

Hello everybody,
I recently wanted to upgrade my old computer so i bought 1 gb of pc3200 400 mhz memory on top of the 1gb that i had and gigabyte 1gb hd4650 ddr2 agp graphic card, the problem is this...
when i install the second memory and the graphic card, i set the agp size to 1gb in bios and restart the comp. and in post screen my memory appears as 1gb... i set the agp size to 512mb in bios and my memory goes up to 2gb but windows is freezing when the welcome screen appears, i tried uninstalling all drivers and previous ccc but still the same, windows is freezing... my bios has 1gb agp size but does it mean my mobo actually cant take it??? one other thing is my actual hard drive died on me a little while ago so i just have a 20 gb drive but would it affect it? my specs are:

Mobo: AOpen AK77-600N (KT600)
CPU: Amd Athlon XP 2600+ (no overc.)
Memory: 2gb ddr pc3200 400mhz
Hdd: 20gb
Pwer: 550w logisys
OS: Win.XP SP3 32 bit

All opinions and help appreciated, thanks for your time and consideration.
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  1. How much free space is on the 20Gb drive my affect it if you don't have enough free space. Here is an explanation of AGP aperture
  2. hey i am sorry i was away for a while and couldnt reply but by the time i was trying to install there was a 6gb of free space i will check that link, thanks
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