What is the m in the nvidia geoforce graphic card?

a laptop with the nvidia geoforce graphic card 105M,up to3311M,and512MB dedicatedDDR3 ,is it good to play games?(window 7and 3i with good memory etc).if the answer is yes ,how good and could you play games like transformers revenge of the fallen or avatar on it?also is it possible to upgrade the nvidia card to 1gb?iI would need to use the laptop to game and animations(not grafic,so' the mac it's out).thanks
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  1. I think it will lag on low settings. Laptops are not for gaming and they'll never be. You can't just upgrade the VRAM on a GPU as you do with RAM. And if the card had 1GB VRAM, it would've been useless because the GPU is too weak to make use of it's full potential.
  2. M stands for mobile, and no you can't change the features of the graphics package on a mobile or desktop model, they are not modular, you are stuck with whatever is on card.
  3. Is the alienware from del good?What computer is good for games and filming/3d animation software's?is the windows seven better than windows xp? I'm very confused about the computers on the market. thank you.
  4. Windows XP is obsolete. LOL It works, but it's pretty old. ;)

    Get a new Laptop/PC with Windows 7 (preferably 64bit). Get no less than 4GB of RAM.

    As for gaming, if you want a laptop that is actually meant to play games with, you probably can't spend less than $1,500 to be honest.

    Keep in mind though, a $1,000 desktop computer will play games better than most $1,500 to $2,000 laptops. :)

    The GeForce 105M is not a gaming worthy graphics card for laptops.
  5. jerreece said:
    Keep in mind though, a $1,000 desktop computer will play games better than most $1,500 to $2,000 laptops. :)

    Probably more like $600-800.
  6. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834220695
    The best notebook you can get without paying a crazy amount of money.
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