250 watt power supply okay for ati 5550?

I am wondering if an XFX ati 5550 (1gb) DDR2 card will be safe to run on my HP p6120t?

PC specs:

core 2 duo e7500
4gb Ram
Vista 64
250 watt lite-on psu (14a on +12v rail).

I really want to run some older games that my integrated intel g31 will not run (battlefield 2). If this card will not work, will an ati 4350 work? Would a 4350 be much improvement over the current g31 I have for games such as Star Wars Battlefront 1 &2, Empire at War, LOTR Battle for Middle Earth, Battlefield 2)? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi.

    Here are the system requirements for the 5550

    ATI Radeon™ HD 5550 Graphics

    Suggested ATI Radeon™ HD 5570 and 5550 512MB DDR3 System Requirements
    PCI Express® based PC is required with one X16 lane graphics slot available on the motherboard
    400 Watt or greater power supply recommended
    Certified power supplies are recommended. Refer to http://support.amd.com/us/certified/power-supplies/Pages/listing.aspx for a list of Certified products

    Minimum 1GB of system memory
    Installation software requires CD-ROM drive
    DVD playback requires DVD drive
    Blu-ray™ playback requires Blu-ray drive

    The recommended PSU is for the entire system so I think that ur current PSU isn't enough while the 4350 needs 300W PSU (see here) even the 4350 could not work.
  2. System with HD5550 will run OK on 250 watt PSU here they get 191watt total system under load http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-5550-radeon-hd-5570-gddr5,2704-14.html
  3. what rolli stated, the 400w recommendation is for ATI to cover themselves from junk PSU
  4. Unfortunately, I may have a junk psu. It came with the HP computer and is a lite on 250 watt. Only 14a on the +12v rail.
  5. 14x12=168watts that should be fine for the system. The system in the link I posted was running an overclocked I7 920 which certainly consumes more power than your CPU. You will be fine with that card.
  6. Thank you. I got the card for $45 (after rebate). Prices of cards seem to be going up. I really didn't want to have to send it back.
  7. You should be ok, HP skimps on a lot of things, but typically their PSU are ok (for the wattage)
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