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Extremely hot northbridge,

hey guys recently my cpu was idling at 42 and full load at 57
i added a hyper212+ and now im idling at around 35 and 45 max on full load
im really happy with the temp drop but since i added the fan the northbridge or atleast i think its the northbridge is extremely hot idle at 55 full on 60c i added some pictures below,
also i might have disllodged the nb while adding the cpu cooler because i pulled up on it to remove the mobo from my case and i think i felt it lift from the mb, any help or suggestion would be great
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  1. It sounds like you will need to take the mobo out again, so you can remove the NB heatsink, clean it off, then apply a new thin layer of thermal paste to it (AS5 will do) and remount it.
  2. can i use any thermal paste?
    and how much do i apply
  3. i agree with jtt283 but It's normally temp3 temperature mobo until 80C don't worry
  4. so i dont have to worry about it hitting 60c?
    it wont mess up?
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    no... your temp all normally, if your CPU hit to 60C , you prepare buy new CPU , temp1 normal temp2 normal , temp3 fire aah don't worry , just keep your CPU below 50C this is important , all your temp more cool than my PC, if you worry about temp3 hit 60C, add Fan on your NB!
  6. oh okay thanks, the thing is the temp 3, used to be around 40 and 50 on max
    now it can go up to 60c and when i touch the northbridge its a lil hot, but if you say its okay, then great :)
  7. Although out of stock right now, this Antec spot fan can be used to cool your NB if you feel it's necessary.

    "Works great for my NB
    5 out of 5 eggs Rating:4/5

    “Quiet on low and medium. It blows plenty of air on medium for my Northbridge heatsink.”

    — Tim 8/31/2008 "
  8. check your speed fan , speed fan 1 is temp3 manage so increase speed fan1 min 2000 Rpm, check your BIOS, u must DISABLE Smart Fan & ENABLE shutdown temperature set 60C, it's safe for your harware Good luck
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