PCI 1 vs. AGP 8x

Can anyone either provide me a link to, or explain the relative merits of PCI and AGP video cards? I am a student with very little in the way of funding and an ASUS P5PE-VM motherboard which has an AGP 8x slot and a PCI 1 slot. I know the proper thing to do is to just buy a new system, but that is not possible with my budget. I do no gaming at all, so that is not a concern. Doe it matter which type of video card I use?
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    AGP 8x is much faster than PCI (not PCI express x8 or PCI express 2.0).

    For comparison: PCI = 133 to 533mb/sec , AGP 8x = 2.1 gb/sec

    Nvidia on AGP 8x
    Tom's hardware - PCI express
    Wikipedia on device bandwidths
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