Best 480GB SSD?

I had my mind set on getting a 256gb ssd for awhile until I decided, why not just get a 480+gb ssd. This will hold all my games, all my programs, just about everything, and I can use my other hard drive or get a 500-1tb 7200rpm hdd and use that for storage / programs I rarely use.

If you can somehow convince me that a 256gb will suffice, then I'd like to know the best 256gb ssds.

Also, some questions about storage:

-Are games that use internet more resource demanding than games that don't? (would it make more sense to put online games on an ssd or does it not matter)
-How would I make the most out of my new SSD? Keep in mind I've never used / bought an ssd before. I know that installing my OS on it would be a big help.
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  1. A 256gb SSD will hold a lot of games besides the OS and a few programs and the money that you save from buying the 480gb SSD you could take and get the Western Digital Veloceraptor of either 600 gb or 1 tb and that way you have a 10,000 rpm hard drive that's faster then the regular hard drives.
    The Samsung 840 256 gb is a great drive and I just got one and will be changing my OS onto it soon , I currently have it on a Samsung 830 256 gb SSD so that one will be used for storage.

    As for your questions the games you play will use the resources that you have on your computer whether it's online or not.
    The OS should definetly go on the SSD and that would also make the most out of your SSD.
  2. Just a quick comment on the last post, these days with 20-60gb game installs, 256 gb is just not enough for your OS drive if you plan to also use it to install games.
    Go with the 480+ gb, as every single game i know installs at least 5 games at one time on their machine. I don't know anyone that will install a game, play it to the end, uninstall it, then install the next game the will play. THey install multiple games and switch between.
    You will quickly see the limit on the 256 gb if you are planning on installing the latest games.

    If you're going to go with a HDD and SDD combo, possibly consider an SSD cache drive to boost your system performance, or look into hybrid drives.
  3. Ive been using a Samsung evo 500gb for the past 9 months and it beats my old crucial and Kingston hyper x hands down affordable reliable fast cant go wrong
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