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I have Intel D975XBX2 mother board which consists of three PCI express slots.The primary is 16x electrical,secondary is 8x electrical and the third one is 4x electrical but physically all three are 16x.I bought AMD 6970 2gb and tried to install on the primary 16x slot but there was no display.So after a while i connected it to secondary 16x slot which is actually 8x electrical and it worked.Whenever i try to re connect to primary 16x slot there is no display and when i connect to secondary slot it works fine.Is it the primary slot not working or there any other problem.HELP !!!
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  1. I would use some compressed air to blow out any dust and debris from the primary slot, just to make sure there isn't anything blocking full contact.

    If the graphics card continues to work only in the secondary slot, you most likely have a bad mainboard. If it's in warranty, get an RMA. If not, time to buy a new one.

    Note that there isn't much performance difference between a slot that runs at x16 and a slot that runs at x8. It sounds like you'd be losing a lot, but it's probably around 5-10%.
  2. My graphics card is 16x,so is it possible that 8x slot might damage the card if i continue to use it in this way?because i don't have enough money to buy a new motherboard right now and it's warranty will expire on September 2011.What will you recommend?Should i change my motherboard or should i continue using it on 8x slot?
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    Your graphics card won't be damaged, so don't worry about that.

    You can certainly keep using the system the way you have it. If it hasn't given you any problems yet, then it probably won't until something else goes wrong with the board.

    If it was me, I would RMA the mainboard just because I don't like having anything that doesn't work -- especially the main graphics card slot. But that would likely mean that you won't have a working computer for a couple of weeks, unless the manufacturer will advance-ship you a new mainboard first to test it out. You may have to pay for that to happen.
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  5. Heyy ! thanks man , i was worried about my card,thanks for your advise.
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