Help Choosing a CPU to go with my new build

Hi am looking for a good gaming cpu for my new build not too botherd if its amd or intel dont wont to spend any more than £100 really. the pc will be used mostly for gaming on wow etc. also will be used for college work need to be able to cope with applications like flash dreamweaver etc.

i have been looking at these three atm but would love to have more suggestions

I3 530

Athlon ii x4 635

Athlon ii x4 640

cheers josh
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  1. Some I3 boards will allow an upgrade to some of the I7 CPUs that use the same socket.
    Worth considering.
  2. I would go with the X4 640. Here is a benchmark with the 635 against the 530 every where there is a benefit from the extra cores the Athlon wins.
  3. AMD all the way, right now msot games are optimized for dual cores, but a year from now, I bet more than 50% will be optimized for 3+ cores.
  4. I bought the Athlon II 620 a while back, and have been perfectly happy with it for gaming and general tasking. I also run Adobe's CS4, and have had no speed issues with it at all. The 640 has a slightly higher clock speed, so should be even better. I always recommend AMD for low budget (sub $1000) builds, and this is exactly that situation.
  5. ok guys thankyou for your reply seems the 640 will be my choice bit off topic but do you reccomend any specific Mobos to go with the 640?
  6. Any board with AMD 8xx chip set from ASUS, Gigabyte or MSI all based on whether you want crossfire, onboard GPU and your budget.
  7. i dont want crossfire atm and dont need an onboard GPU this is the Mobo i had in mind what you think
  8. That is a good board. Only difference between it and 8xx chip set board is no USB3 or SATA 6GB support.
  9. would u say thats something im going to need
  10. substance26josh said:
    would u say thats something im going to need

    Not really but a nice feature to have for upgrades in a year or two when the hardware becomes more common.
  11. hmm ok do you know one with USB 3 and sata 6gb do give me an example
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