Need quality professional help


BUDGET RANGE: 900-1000

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming, Internet surfing etc… Basically just a good all around multipurpose computer

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Everything except keyboard, mouse, and speakers.






MONITOR RESOLUTION: I was thinking about getting this so it is 1680 x 1050

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: This is my first build and anything I upgrade to will be better then what I am currently using right now ~~Dell Opti-Plex GX280, 2002~~ and I’ve been shopping New Egg and searching forums for the past week or more and I’m not really sure what to get. I’ve looked at the AMD X4 955, which seems like a really solid processor. Anyways I basically want a solid processor, a good quality mobo, good memory to match the mobo DDR3 for sure plug and play hopefully, A easy to use case with good cooling coolermaster etc…, quality modular powersupply , a good graphics card that will run smoothly with good FPS something you would play on if you had to lol, a PC that will last me a while. Also thanks in advanced if you do decide to help me.
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  1. Just asking because I'm a noob isn't that memory for Intel cpu's??
  2. Nah it's all good for any DDR3 desktop platform ^^
  3. For gaming, start with the graphics system. The cpu is secondary. What resolution will you be using?

    If it will be 1080P(1920 x 1080) then something like a GTX460 or 5850 would be the minimum.
    If it will be 2560 x 1600, then you are looking at a top end card, or dual cards.

    For the cpu, read this toms article:,2698-5.html

    You should be able to find a good AMD cpu for $140 to $180.

    Cases are a personal preference. How about the Antec 300 illusion model?

    I think I like ASUS over MSI for motherboards. I have used both.

    Verify that whatever ram you select is on the motherboard's ram QVL list, or is listed as supported on the ram web site.
    4gb should be a minimum.

    Consider a SSD in your plans for the OS. It makes everything snappier.
    But... you might want to wait a bit for the gen3 drives to launch. They should be faster, bigger, and cheaper. In the meantime, carve out a 80gb partition out of a 1tb drive to load your OS. Plan on cloning it to a SSD when you can.

    The size of the psu is determined by the needs of your graphics card/s.
    Do not skimp on psu quality. My short list of quality psu's includes PC P&C, Seasonic, Corsair, XFX, and antec.
    I particularly like the XFX units, they are modular. The 650w unit will power the strongest graphics card out there, and some sli configurations:

    I suggest that you download and read cover to cover the manuals for the case and the motherboard before you order. Many questions will be answered, and some will be raised.
  4. Never listen to when the ram says, PERFECT FOR INTEL! made for intel! perfect match to am3!

    no no no it all the same.
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