AMD Phenom ii x6 stock cooler fan speed

Can anyone tell me the standard or normal speed that the stock cpu fan would be running? According to speedfan, my cpu fan is running between 5000-7000 rpm and this is really noisy and annoying. I've also check my bios and it confirms this reading. I can also confirm that my processor is not overheating as bios, speedfan and HWmonitor shows my cpu temps to be between 38-42 degrees celcius. I am also currently using tuniq tx-3 thermal compound which is one of the best available.
So can anyone tell me what's wrong with my cpu or cooler or motherboard.

Currently running the x6 on an Asrock 890gx extreme 3 with corsair xms3 4gb dhx and powercolor 5830 in a Lian li pc-7nfw case

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  1. that the problem with stock fans. get an aftermarket cooler or single fan controller
  2. will get one once I find a reasonably priced one which is good
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