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I am about to upgrade my CPU and GPU. Here is my current setup:

AMD Athlon II 7750 2.7ghz 2 cores
ASUS M4A78-EM Motherboard
8800GT geforce
4gb memory
420W PSU

I am going to upgrade to a 4 core Phenom II 965 and a radeon 6850. Now, my question is, would upgrading my mobo make any sense? It has served my for years and I have not been able to trace any problems or performance bottlenecks I've had with my PC to the mobo. One thing, it has PCIE 2.0, not 2.1. Would 2.1 PCIE make any difference?

Also what kind of PSU should I get with 6850 Radeon and 4 core CPU? I need as little wattage as possible.
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  1. Your board requires bios version 1010 for the 965; use the old cpu to flash it if needed before installing the new cpu. You don't need to change boards. I recommend a 600-650w antec or corsair power supply. Newegg had an antec 650w earthwatts in their email promo this morning for around $55. The new pci-e 2.1 standard is a minor change from 2.0, you won't notice the difference.
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