Just bought these off newegg Rate and Suggest

GFX - Galaxy GeForce GTX 470
RAM - G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 12GB (3 x 4GB)
...HDD - Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB
Cooler - Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme
CPU - Intel Core i7-930
Final Price - $1476.67

What do you think of this build. Would you have done anything different?

Thanks for the input. Im a little nervous building a pc now after I read so much about all the new sockets coming out next year and the hex core and 8 core processors that will go with it.
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  1. Did you ask for advice before buying? JK

    It looks like a nice machine and should provide alot of performance over the next couple of years. I think you did fine.

    One thing I would have done is made room in my budget for an SSD. This is the single thing that would provide a serious boost to overall system performance, and I recommend you consider getting one. You won't regret it.

    Yes, Intel is changing sockets again and your upgrade options may be limited but you've built the best machine you can right now so I would just enjoy it.
  2. New CPUs and sockets are always coming around, all you can do is build the best you can with your budget - the build will last 3-5 years, so the fact new sockets come out is pretty irrelevant as after all that time you will want to replace the mobo/cpu and RAM anyway.

    Whats the build for? If it was for gaiming then the 12gb RAM would be excessive, but judging by the very large HDD I am guessing you do other things, so 12gb is probably useful
  3. What a nice rig you got there, get an SSD for your master partition to improve your system significantly.
    Believe me, the SSD will make a hell out of a difference.
  4. They won't stop supporting Socket LGA1156.

    - Plus that article about 1155 has not been confirmed, nor denied, by Intel.
  5. Thanks for your comments. The only SSD drives I could find were very expensive for the larger ones. This computer will be used for gaming for my girlfriend but thats not its main purpose. Shes an artist and uses very demanding programs and editing programs that can go up to resolutions of 10000 x 10000 and can usually run 5 different editing programs at a time as well as the browser for references and communication programs from her commissioners on aim msn or through email. She always puts a huge load on her pc which is fairly outdated so I thought the best I could make would help it last longer and leave a little room for upgrades with the hex cores and keep the ram upgradeable to 24gb if needed. Do you guys suggest any particular SSD drive? I was actually unaware of of their existance until about 3 or 4 days ago when i started looking into building one. Most people told me they would still be the bottleneck in the system even if I got them and the WD black was just about the fastest 7200 HDD out there. But what would be a good inexpensive SSD in your opinion?

    Thanks again for the input
  6. Update:
    I will be getting an SSD in the near future.

    Question will my ram be a big problem or bottleneck my system being 1333? Can I fix the situation by overclocking it? Should I return them and get another speed? What speeds will be compatible if I do exchange them


    P.S. My board specs say the ram compatible is DDR3 2200/1333/1066/800 does that mean 1600 will not work?
  7. 12gb 1333 ram isnt ideal, especially in an i7 system. I'm pretty sure that 1600 speed ram IS compatible with your system


    their test setup with your mobo has 1600mhz ram. i would definitely recommend returning your current sticks if possible and getting ram at those speeds, if not higher.

    as for ssd's, you won't be disappointed by them. for brand, everybody seems to be recommending intels. my friend has one and it is very good, but i can also personally vouch for the ocz vertex which is priced similarly. it has never let me down and the speeds are blazing fast.

    other than that your build looks great, and like the others have said dont worry about future sockets etc. your build will last you a number of years, with the only upgrade you'll probably need is second 470 incase one isnt enough for her editing software, but even this is pretty unlikely...
  8. I have noticed many, many boards seem to not mention 1600mhz on them as compatible even when it is. If it can handle higher speeds it tends to be safe to assume it can handle anything slower.
  9. What ram do you suggest? I will need 12gb of ram for this build. What is the best to get that wont be too far over $300?
  10. From those 4 RAM kits?
    I would choose one of the G.Skill or Corsair from Newegg.

    I know you are thinking of getting 3x4 to get the 12GB, but the quality of the one you posted from amazon can not convince me, I didn't even know the brand komputerbay.
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