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Ok, so i told my friend i'd build him a cheap gaming computer. Heres the details, we play Everquest 1, for those of yo that don't know the game is 10 years old. It runs high graphics but not like the newer games. So you understand this computer doesn't have to be top top notch. He asked for it to be fast, and non lag.

My problem is: I have a case, need a motherboard, etc, any ideas?

Case -

Motherboard -


Video Card -

Hard Drive (1TB preferred i think) -

Power Supply-

Any ideas? Links please!!!!
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  1. athlon II x3 CPU (you can go athlon II x2 to further drop cost) + cheap but solid 770 mobo if you want to re-use DDR2 ram (should be around $125 total)

    this is the DDR3 ram version

    any HDD you find with a decent price

    video card go with an ATI 5670

    solid PSU

    you can play modern games with that at 1440x900 resolution and around $300 for the cpu, mobo, HDD, PSU, GPU plus money back in rebates
  2. Thanks!

    I forgot the RAM, any good ideas on that??
  3. if you need ram go with DDR3 (they have 4GB kits for $70) & the DDR3 mobo
  4. Thank you! I sent this to my buddy already he is strating to send me the money. :)
  5. Ok, so we have a problem. I can't find the motherboard, when i do, its not available and/or out of stock.
  6. The motherboard CT1615 listed for you is in stock on , is that where you will be buying your parts or do you plan on getting them from another site/store?
  7. @ thechief73, the processor you chose is OEM, so you would have to add a HSF.
  8. ^ Oh dang :( , Thanks for pointing that out to me. [:mohsentux:7] It has been fixed. :)
  9. I really hadn't had a preference for site, just really would like to get these parts bought and shipped asap. :)
  10. Motherboard and hard drive ordered. I was going to get the cpu but he has to send me more money and 1tb for that price was not bad at all!
  11. Yeah, you really cannot beat that 1tb price. :) Are you going with the build I had suggested or did you go another route?
  12. Dontsayhate said:
    I really hadn't had a preference for site, just really would like to get these parts bought and shipped asap. :)

    Mean you choose a set not what thechief have suggested - it was a good options.
  13. I did thechief73
  14. Alright, hes the update. I went with thechief73's opinions. Everything is ordered BUT the PSU, he needs another paycheck for that! Everything was free shipping so were up to around 300 with everything. In the end be about 400 with 2 more inside fans and a cd drive.
  15. Sounds Good, I am glad it is all working out :) Only thing is that the MIR for the PSU I linked you to ends tomorrow! :( and the price goes back up, from $20 to $45.
  16. Hehe well i told him and he said he couldn't spot the extra money, so.. lol
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