GTX 480 and my Case

didn't know where to post this so i did it here.
Will my GTX 480 fit in this case
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  1. also, anyone know if this case is good on air flow and the likes, and case opinions in general are welcome.
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    This is the best case in that price range in my opinion. Comes with 3 x 120mm and 1 x 140mm 3 speed fans and is almost silent on low while still moving quite a bit of air. A GTX 480 will fit fine. Much better cooling than the Coolermaster with only 2 x 120mm fans total. The Antec has an optional 120mm side fan just for a graphics card making a total of 4 x 120mm possible.
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  4. This comment is probably going to be uselesss now but the coolermaster 690 is on sale right now which is considered to be about the same performance as the three hundred. They're both good cases but right now the antec is really overpriced especially when you can get the coolermaster scout for the same price as that three hundred which is way better than any other cases mentioned.

    Oh and I'm pretty sure the three hundred and the 690 are both too small for the gtx 480, I may be wrong as I have kind of forgotten how big fermi is but I would go with the scout anyways just to be sure
  5. A GTX 480 will fit in the Antec fine.....even 2 in SLI.
  6. Why would you get the three hundred though when the scout is the same price? The scout is in another league compared to the three hundred. Btw of course two would fit if one does, it's length that is the issue and it's not like they go end to end
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