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I have always wanted to record myself gaming but it lowers my fps which doesnt allow me to play at my top game. So I was wondering if anyone knows of an affordable dvi capture card that I would be able to throw into another box and record myself gaming without having to do it on the machine that I am playing on. I know there are dvi capture cards but alot of them wont record up to 1200p because of HDCP issues. If anyone knows of such a card that is affordable and can record at 1200p please let me know, I appreciate it.

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  1. bump.....anyone have any input?
  2. I used to be really big in the Halo 2 and 3 Montage scene.

    The Hauppauge HD PVR, comes to mind, if your pc isn't that great.

    With the Hauppauge and the right splitting, you can play on your HDTV and capture on your computer.

    If your pc can handle it though...


    You want to look into that. I havn't really recorded videos from my xbox in a year, but its a good start...
  3. You could lower the settings or get a small SSD.
  4. lol i have an i7 @4ghz 2 285s and an ssd.....its not that my rig cant handle the recording its jus that it still feels laggy when recording even though my fps is above 60 still....When its like that I cant play good. So i want to offload the recording to another pc i have right by it. thats where i will put the card so i can jus record myself playing 24/7 and sort through it all.
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