Updating an old E-machines

Hey guys,

My friend has asked if I can upgrade his 3 year old e-machines pc. It has a PCI-E x16 slot and the CPU socket is 775...so there is some good room for improvement there. Obviously a new PSU will probably be required but my question is that, as he only has DDR RAM capability, will that cause any bottlenecks / poor results when it comes to gaming compared to DDR 2/3?

As you can understand I wouldn't want him to make any purchases without being sure it could run, say, BF:BC2 or MW2.

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  1. Hi

    it would be nice to have minimum model of the emachine so that we can look at the detailed hardware in it.

    Full specs. and model numbers would be more than appreciated.

    This way we could give you a better answer.
  2. What are you planning to upgrade?
    CPU? Ram? Video?

    If all three, then no need to upgrade, just build new.
  3. The biggest hurdle is "eMachines" - don't throw good money over bad.

    Consider a new system.
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