Gigabyte 4850 vs Xfx 4850

Hello,I am looking to buy an ATI 4850 graphics card, but I am stuck between two brands. Gigabyte and Xfx are the brands that I am considering, The xfx has a liftime warranty but the gigabyte has a Zalman heatsink.
Which one would be better to get?
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  1. My XFX 4850 stays quite cool, highest it has ever gone is 65 on Furmark, i dont think you need to stay much lower than that so the zalman heatsink isnt going to help a ton, i would go for the XFX for the warranty.
  2. I bought a Radeon HD 4650 XFX model w/ 1 gig ram and replaced a 5 year old 6600 GT w/ 256 ram and experienced a dramatic framerate loss. I went through the online support and while team was polite, I found them to be condescending, not respecting my experience, they suggested common knowledge and were downright flat on ideas to fix the problem. I would expect a team with as good a reputation as XFX to have original ideas and be willing to examine the situation from a unique point of view. I don`t believe there was a technical fault to the card mainly based on their confirmation that the 3dMark06 score being "more or less where it should be", I believe there was something wrong with the support, especially their unwillingness to examine any system info I provided. I tossed the card in the trash and re-installed the 6600 GT (and have been less frustrated) until I find a better card. Believe me, I will do more research this time. I would recommend to everyone to stay away from XFX
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