Minimal components to boot to bios screen

hi everyone,

i recently got a motherboard off ebay and im having problems getting the motherboard to display anything on my monitor

im curious on what is the bare minimal to even boot something to screen. im trying to isolate the problem if possible.

is it just motherboard + monitor + power supply? is that enuff to get a post message on my monitor?

or do i need cpu+ motherboard + ram + monitor + ps

thanks for answering
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  1. A CPU... a MOBO... one stick of RAM... a PSU... a video card (Onboard or Dedicated)
  2. thanks for the reply

    unfortunately, im still stuck

    so i have a cpu/motherbard/ram/ps/onboard video
    when i turn it on, the cpu fan turns on but i get nothing popping up my monitor

    is it possible to tell which component is failing on me?
  3. Can you post what your specs you are working with? Also in the meantime, review/complete this thread for additional troubleshooting tips:
  4. i've reviewed that thread and im sure that non of those problems apply to me

    i am using a

    msi fuzzy g45 (mini ITX)
    intel T7400 memrom CPU
    kingston 533 dd2 ram
    400 watt power supply

    i wanted to install a system speaker but the motherboard doesnt support it ( to my knowledge, i cant find the speaker pins and the manual doesnt seem to say anything about system speakers )

    the motherboard has a PCI slot, i was wondering if i get a PCI graphics card, do u think it could be a workaround if it is indeed an onboard video problem?
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