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So im currently building a new system. For the mmoment I am going to use the ATI Radeon 5770 that i currently am using.

My question is:

Am i better off getting a second 5770 and crossfiring them or getting a single GTX 470.

Is the performance going to be close enough that I can spend the $170 on a second 5770 or should i just spend the $350 on the GTX 470?

Just looking for ideas and suggestions not to familiar with the performance of crossfire etc.
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  1. If you already have a single 5770 adding a second on will give you similar performance to a GTX 470 for a lot less so that would be my pick. Two 5770s will perform equal or slightly better than a 5850, which performs slightly worse than GTX 470 so the 5770s will be quite similar.
  2. Yes, I would suggest the two 5770s. You can easily get a good 5770 at $150-160 now, and the X-Fire should be able to power what you want.

    What's your resolution? I assume you're creating this system for gaming?

    Also, the scaling of crossfire has really improved from 4000s to 5000s.
    Make sure that your system has an adequate motherboard and a good, solid power though (for either X-Fire or the GTX470).
  3. yes its for gaming and the board and power supply are more then adequate to supports crossfire..

    i appreciate the advice.
  4. hunter315 said:
    Two 5770s will perform equal or slightly better than a 5850

    Actually crossfired HD5770s are more on par with an HD5870;
    Even if your motherboard is crossfire capable make sure the second slot operates at at least x8.
  5. the board has 2 x PCI Express x16 and 1 x PCI Express x4
  6. That should do fine.
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