What is RAID & can this help provide extra space

Hi. I have no server but, I want to setup this RAID because I am 1. running out of space on my current HD and 2. I was hoping maybe I can be able to expand the space I currently do have by adding another HD. Is RAID what I need or no? I'm not sure what to do. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

BTW I have a Seagate 1 TB HDD currently I think at 7200 rpm and maybe at 3.0 Gbps or 6.0 Gbps with I think 32 MB cache and its about 3yrs old and I'm at 462 GB free of 931 GB and its still going strong surprisingly. I think its a Barracuda. Not sure. Can't remember.
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    Also, I don't think you can create a new array and maintain the existing data on any of the disks, but not sure on that.
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    ^ This is true.

    You would need to backup your data, create the array, then restore the data to the array.

    Anyhow, RAID is not used to expand storage, it's used for redundancy. If you need more storage, just add a second hard drive to your system and move any data you want to it. You can also uninstall software and reinstall it on the new drive.
  3. ok so then I will use a RAID 0 since its better.
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  5. awesome thanks man :)
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