I want to buy a gaming cpu

my budget is 850-900$
Intel core i7 870
Intel DH 55 Tc
4GB DDR3 ram
power supply:550w

is this configuration good for gaming
suggest me guys
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  1. This would be better suited in the systems category with "I want to buy a gaming PC" as the title. Also you should posted with the recommended format, so if you do not give more information the responses will not be 100%. But anyway...

    The Core i7 is not a gaming processor in anyway. Go with a AMD Phenom II X4 955, this will save you money and AM3 has sockets coming to it so it is a good choice. Make sure you get a good quality PSU, 550W may be a bit restrictive for upgrades so I'd say get a 650.

    Now go for a HD 5850 or a GTX 460 if you can't afford the 5850.
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  3. Good lord man - $850-900 i wouldn't have to deal with a gaming config with just a HD 5770! Hit it where it counts hehe
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