I have a Maxtor one touch. I originally used it on a pc with widows 98. I now ha

I have a Maxtor OneTouch. I originally used it on a pc with windows 98. I now have a Mac and haven't been able to get the com. to recognize the maxtor. I have downloaded software and when clicking on the Maxtor manager icon on the desk top it's empty. I've tried different USB and electrical hookups but it just will not work. Any ideas?
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  1. A drive that was used on Windows 98 has to be very old and the connection is also very old and do you actually hassve the old IDE ribbon cable connected to it. Current motherboards do not have that connection , all they have is the sata port.
  2. isnt this the maxtor one touch that plugs into the USB ?? My one works OK on both my WIN7 desktops. Use to to do regular back-ups no problem. Does sound like a software problem on the Mac (should have kept to windows pc !! (ha ha))
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