Upgrade: AGP HD 3850 or lower?

Hello there, see my specs:
Athlon XP 3200 (2.3ghz)
2gb DDR400s
350w psu
Abit AN7 mobo

i'm between a HD 3850 with 512mb DD3 and a 4650 with 1gb DD2, i know the 3850 is superior, but i wonder if my CPU will bottleneck it so hard that it wont run faster than the 4650 would.
Also i'm a bit worried about the psu, seen in review that the 3850 consumes a lot more power than the 4650.

If the HD 3850 runs even 5% faster than the 4650 in this machine i'd go for it, otherwise id rather go for the other one for a softer power consumption (and cheaper).

Anyone help me?
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  1. You'd probably see a relatively large bottleneck anyway. I'd go for the HD 3850, but I'm not sure whether your PSU can handle it.
  2. Your PSU will definitely not drive the 3850.

    Go 4650 or replace PSU
  3. Even HD3650 would be enough for that CPU.
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