How do i play xbox 360 on my cpu monitor?

Hi all
I have an acer aspire x1301 with a radeon 5800 series graphics card(not great I know) with a 23" monitor. My question is, can I connect my xbox 360 to the pc to play thought the monitor and if so how?
I have a hdmi socket on both the pc and monitor. I can connect the 360 via hdmi direct to the monitor for a brilliant display but have no way of sound as the monitor has no speakers(which are connected to the cpu) If I connect the hdmi into the cpu, nothing happens which is telling me this may be output only???
Can anyone help please?
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  1. The computer only has output you are stuck with connecting directly to the monitor.
  2. I would go for an AV amplifier with hdmi switching and hook your pc and xbox into the amp then run a single hdmi to your monitor - upgraded sound, both pc and xbox hooked up to your monitor.
  3. Check Xbox 360 option/setup for audio and look to enable other audio options. I'm not sure if this feature is available for Xbox but it is on PS3. My PS3 is set to produce audio on HDMI and RCA connectors audio. I get audio on HDMI and RCA cable(Stereo only for RCA). You can use RCA->3.5mm converter to connect it to your PC Sound card inputs.

    Again check if the feature is available on your XBOX. As stated the feature is available on PS3 which true on my current setup.
  4. You would hook it up to your PC's monitor, not the computer itself. My friend does this. He has the xbox connected with VGA and his computer with DVI. He switches the monitor's inputs in the monitor menu when he wants to switch.
  5. Hi
    Thanks for the replies.
    Ive purchased a brand new microsoft HDMi AV cable from ebay(£11.28), I just now need to connect the av to some external speakers(or the PC ones if I want to keep swapping the wires about).
    Still all good, a few options were available, but I think the way Ive done this is the easiest and cheapest way around the problem.
    Thanks for the idea's/help.
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