WD 250 gig problems

Hello people...

I have a perfectly fine WD 250 gig hdd, until the other day, i used my dock to plug it in but the pc (windows 8) just saw the drive (in my computer) as D: with no indication of drive space left, i tried to access it but the system just hangs until i unplug it.

I have tried plugging directly through sata but the pc wont even boot, even though its only a back up drive.

I tried to check disk within windows 8 (right click properties) but that window never pops up, it just hangs.

Tried chkdsk from command prompt before windows loads but the cmd windows fails to appear, until i unplug it from USB then its pops up, but then plugging the drive back in and I Chkdsk D: again hoping that i have catched it, it just scans my music drive which is normally G.

It shows in devices, my computer and bios, disk management just hangs when the drive is plugged in until yes you guessed it i unplug it from usb...

Test disk hangs.

Please any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Replace the drive, you've pretty much done everything you can at this point.

    Contact WD if it's still under warranty.
  2. Does the drive spin up?

    If you install the PM2 jumper (Power Up In Standby), can you see the drive in BIOS? You probably won't see the model number (it may be blank), but BIOS should register a device on that SATA port.

    Jumper Settings for WD SATA and EIDE Hard Drives:
  3. The disk spins up just fine, quiet and no ticking or clicking sounds whatsoever...

    I have no jumpers on the particular hard drive, its only a 2.5 laptop drive. I don't think i have any around to put onto it either.

    I plugged it into my sons pc via usb and it seems to handle it better than windows 8...

    I can chkdsk on it and it runs, but stops at the usn journal saying that there is insufficient space left to complete.

    If the drive was dead i would suck it up and take it into my back garden and smash it to bits, but im sure it can be fixed.
  4. Im using test disk via my sons xp pc, im recovering my data, ill then take it into the back garden and smash it too bits.
  5. If it's out of warranty, you could always sell the PCB on Ebay.
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