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i have a problem with my cpu temps, i have a a intel pentium d930,
in bios the idle temp was in excess of 80 degress but would cool down to 50 degress so i bought a freezer pro 7 and a new psu as mine was too low.
after installing both speed fan and bios now reads a massive 128 degress which should mean that my pc should be on fire but my system temp is only 25 degress?
the three temps i get off of speedfan is 25, -127 and 128 can someone please help!
many thanks
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  1. Did you install the cooler correctly thermal paste and all? Did you plug the fan in and is it running?
  2. yeah its all installed correctly and the fan is constantly running at full
  3. Speedfan might be giving wrong readings what do you get in BIOS?
  4. bios states the temp is 127 degrees i've heard it could be the mothyerboard sensor but not too sure!
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