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I've purchased the Addonics ADSACFB, sata cf card reader/adapter. I've connected it via sata onto my Asus m4a89gtdprousb3 mobo. The Sata w controller is JBMicron JMB361 which claims to support hot swapping. I've read on other threads that I need to switch my sata to AHCI in my bios, but whin n I switch that in my bios, I end up stuck in a boot loop that doesn't allow Windows to load. Do I need to set to AHCI before loading Windows?

Thanks for the help:)

OS - Windows 7 Pro
MOBO - Asus m4a89gtd pro usb3
CPU - AMD Phenom II 4x
Sata Controller - JBMicron JMB361
CF Card Reader Hardware - Addonics ADSACFB
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  1. Looks like you installed Windows in IDE mode then went to AHCI. If you did that, then you need to either re-install windows in AHCI mode or get the drivers for Windows. There's ways to do it if you Google it. If it's a fairly new install, then just re-install. Windows 7 installs in about 15 minutes anyway.
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