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hello. I want to add a graphics card to my laptop I have bought. Can someone suggest me which cards to buy and how to add them?

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  1. Tell us what laptop you have, and in general you can't, you're stuck with whatever you brought.
    (It's why desktops are FTW)
  2. G62t - 149wM hp laptop
  3. You can't upgrade the graphics card by yourself, you would have to send it in to HP and they will replace the motherboard.
  4. how much would the cost of the replacement be? I was thinking of getting a ATI 4850 model graphics card.

  5. It doesn't support it, and the cost would probably be higher than a new laptop.
  6. ouch.. guess I will have to wait and buy a desktop.
    thanks for the help.
  7. As a general tip, you want the laptop to have everything you want when you buy it, only the RAM and Hard Drive are easily upgradeable, so the core processing elements like the processor and graphics card are what you want when you buy.
  8. guess so... i read about something like -- u can add a graphics card to the laptop. they showed in some website i think.

    i was thinking, since i have some 5 pci slots totally on the motherboard, perhaps i can get rid of some device and attach the graphics card there.
  9. There's no physical room in a laptop, it doesn't fit, so the PCI slots are largely wasted.
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