PC not see 3TB HD

I have an internal 3TB hardrive that I have connected to my PC via a docking station.PC sees it as USB device as icon appears,but its not visible in device nanager.OP is XP,have been told to use a program like partition magic,but not sure if this would work as PC would need to see drive to partition it?
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  1. Paragon GPT loader works well, but is no longer free -- now $20.
  2. The newer motherboards and bioses are recognizing 3 tb hard drives natively. You may want to see if your motherboard has an updated bios that will let the bios see the 3 tb hard drive. Then you can see what there is for Windows XP or if you need seperate program for it.
  3. Windows (all versions) will not see the drive until you format it.

    You will have to assign it to GPT, not MBR, due to it's size (over 2.7GB). This won't be a problem.

    I think XP SP3 supports larger (over 2.7GB) hard drives.
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