How to backup 2 ssds in raid 0

I have 2 ssds in raid 0 with all of my files programs os etc installed on them in raid 0 format. how is best to backup them up with a single mechanical hard drive (it is large enough to hold the combined data from both ssds and some spare)

Thanks in Advance
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  1. I would use Ghost 15, True Image, or EaseUS Todo (freeware). My favorite is Ghost but I use all three. First backup the system reserved partition, and then the OS partition.

    I attach the HDD either with an external caddy or plug it into my ICYDock MB971SP-B (along with HotSwap! 6 -- a better freeware undocking program than Win 7 uses). Usually the HDD should be unallocated space to do the backup, and it is best to run CCleaner first to empty caches and temp files.
  2. so i basically just plug the hdd in as usual, and just use a different backup program from the standard windows one?
  3. Yup. Any of those programs will work well. I do recommend that you first clone the SRP though, then the OS partition, and then any other partitions after, seems to work the best.
  4. thanks
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