ATI 4850HD runs @ 110* C when gaming

Hi, so i've had this computer for over a year, and always had this problem, didn't realize it was a problem until someone told me that my temps are not normal

computer is a Dell XPS
core i7, 4gb ddr3, vista, and an ati hd4850 video card...

card idles @ about 70* C...according to HWmonitor...and when i play WoW or Starcraft 2 (beta) my temps spike at 110* C...i have been told this is about 40* hotter than i want...that sounds like a lot...

computer is free of dust, and well ventilated...

also- i cannot open Cataylst control center...for a while i got an error, i wiped all driver stuff and redid everything, new drivers//ect...

now there is no error, instead, when i try to open CCC, the mouse fickers, and the little circle thing shows up for a few seconds and nothing happens. SO, aside from that any ideas on what i should do? i am going to pull the side cover off and take a picture if that would help. ill post it in a little bit.

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  1. Yeah post pictures, those are very high temps.
  2. camera is at wifes this is a cell phone picture that i will link
  3. is it still under warranty? If its been overheating since the day you got it you should have sent it back then, running the card at 110C for long periods of time will damage it, the components on the board arent meant to handle that level of heat.
  4. ok, picture uploaded to that address in my 1st post....i hope it works

    if not i can email someone the pictures on yahoo.
  5. From the 1st picture it looks like the bottom of the 4850 (the side with the fan) is touching the bottom of the case, if that's the case (pardon the pun) then the fan could be not getting enough air.
    By the way, how's sebastian doing?
  6. lol he's great, thanks~!

    THE BOTTOM OF THE CARD HAS ABOUT 2.3 TO 3 FINGER WIDTHS between it and the bottom of the case...i'd say about 2 inches maybe a bit more.
  7. When you turn the computer on, leave the side panel off and confirm that the fan does actually spin, I've had fans fail on me before and depending on cooler they regularly hit 110+.
  8. agree with the above, check the fan is working. Also try different temperature monitor software. Maybe something that was designed for ATI cards?? i dont know what to reccommend as I have been out of the ATI loop since my 9800XT....
  9. HWMonitor does a fine job of temperature monitoring for everything (I have a 4670 and 5650).
  10. yeah. i had checked the fan spinning during play...also on HWmonitor, it shows the fan speeds for the other fans....i assume those are not the ATI fans, but the other fans probably....

    but ultimately, am i just screwed, like, would a different card do the same thing? or is it like, the motherboard not working right? any tips would be not against buying a new card if needed.


    i tried ATT 'tray tools' program...had no idea what i was doing, so i didnt change anything, but i went into the overclocking hardware area, clicked on fan speeds, and put them all up about soon as i clicked apply, my screen....something, well, it looked like there was waves of water falling down my screen...i had to hold the power button to turn it was weird...immediate uninstall.
  11. On HWMonitor does it also show 100+?
    If it does and nothing helps just keep playing, you wouldn't need to immediately replace it.
  12. Try to use GPU-Z to view the card's temperatures to verify the readings.
    Put your hand near the exhaust opening of the 4850 behind the PC while you see 110C. If the heat will be unbearable you have a problem, if not there is a reading problem cause by software or bad temperature sensor on the GPU.
  13. what if you add an extra fan or two in cab
  14. My HD 4850 (512 MB single slot) ran at similar temperatures. It lasted less than a year before it burnt out and died.
  15. hmm, i been running it for about 18 months now....its odd because i played WoW like 40hrs a week a one point...which is totally stupid, i no longer do that at all...but during that time, i never even thought it was a big deal...

    ill work the card to 110* and see how hot it is....i imagine that 230* F would be DAMN HOT....
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